Pop quiz.  You’re a business owner with a challenge.

Maybe it’s a new product you’re launching.

Maybe it’s a customer email list you’ve ignored for the past 6 months.

Or maybe it’s your aging website that’s just not moving prospects into customers any more.

Whatever that challenge is, you need sales material to help solve it.  That material’s got to be persuasive, got to connect with the right people, and got to stand out from the pile of boring marketing mush that gets ignored 1000 times a day.

Do you:

  1. Spend an evening writing something yourself – it’s just words, how hard can it be?
  2. Give your friend’s kid Miles $20 to write it (he topped the class in English, after all)
  3. Ask around on Facebook – didn’t one of your friends write a business report one time?
  4. Hire Dean Mackenzie, sales copywriter extraordinaire, to build fantastical copy for your web site, sales or landing page, or emails

If you didn’t answer 4, then bzzzt!  No points for you.

Yes, I’m the aforementioned sales copywriter who helps businesses and entrepreneurs deal with the myriad of marketing challenges that face them daily.

Want to know how easy it is get first-class copy that tackles your problems head-on? Then get in touch with me today.

“Dean is an excellent copywriter. He easily understood my goal for the content and brought his own ideas and experience to bolster the final product. Dean is a must hire if you are looking for great copy writing. Seriously, stop looking and hire him now. He brings so much to the table. I will for sure hire him again.”

D.A. McGhie Director, Airelon


Are you looking for website copy that’s fascinating, engaging and of course – persuasive. Get in touch with me.

Do you need a landing page that won’t have visitors taking off the moment they arrive? I’m your writer.

Are you chasing email marketing that get people actually reading them (instead of click, click, delete)? I can do that for you.

Or if you’re after a sales page that’s a little more sophisticated than “BUY MY THING!”, then you’re in the right place.

Yes, I write sales copy of all kinds for businesses, entrepreneurs and other enterprising types. And that sales copy includes:

  • Landing pages carefully designed to get that purchase, sign-up or download
  • Website copy that’s short, sharp and showcases your business for maximum attention
  • Emails that get opened, read and acted on
  • Sales pages structured to keep readers all the way to the bottom – then clicking that “Buy” button
  • Blog posts that understand the readers and resonate with them

Fill out the short form in the Contact section and let’s tackle your latest marketing challenge together.

“Completely over delivered. You can tell by the quality of his questions he knows what he is doing. Absolutely loved working with him, his communication was stellar. Extremely talented copywriter.”

Andrew Haslett MegaPCI


I live, work and sweat in the overly-hot and humid Brisbane, Australia. But my clients come from all over the world* for their marketing material.

Anyway, here’s where I used to put a bunch of bullet points about what you’d “get” if you worked with me. But here’s the shorter, less hyperbolic version of what I provide:

sales copy designed, written and tweaked to help you sell more

That’s it.

I can’t promise you an eleventy-billion percent increase in sales.

Nor will my copy net you a megillion new followers, likes or re-tweets.

And if you’re hoping to “break the web” with this marketing, you’ll be sadly disappointed.

But if you are reading this, there’s a good chance you know what first-class sales copywriting is – and what it can do for you business.

So take a look at my work. If you like what you see, get in touch and let’s chat about what we can do to market your product, service or business better.

* Well, maybe not the Antarctic

“Dean is a talented writer who is extremely easy to work with. He delivers high quality work in a quick time frame. I would not hesitate to recommend Dean to anyone looking for a copywriter.”

Andrew Managing Director, The Lead Agency, Melbourne


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