Ever played a game where you didn’t quite know all the rules?

Or you knew how to play, but felt out of your depth against a bunch of apparent experts?

Just like I often did when someone else got Park Lane and Mayfair while playing Monopoly, you might be tempted to throw it all in.

Making words work DOES take skill and practice.  There ARE rules you should follow a lot of the time (along with rules you need to know when to break).  That’s what I do: use my skills and “copywriting rule” know-how to bend the odds back in your favour.

The Game’s Afoot

Your business might need sales copy.  But dig a little deeper – what are you really aiming for?

  • Multiplying your sales?
  • Trying to grow your email list or customer base?
  • Looking to convert the hordes of traffic landing on your site?
  • Connecting with a new audience that doesn’t know what to make of you?
  • Testing a product or service in the market for the first time?
  • Maybe you just want to put your best put foot forward on your web site?

Whatever your goal, getting it wrong can cost you. And getting it right is well worth the effort.

Perhaps that’s why you’re here.

Once I’ve finished your project, you’ll be holding carefully-crafted, compelling copy in whatever format you need.

But here’s what you actually get from me:

  • a better, more engaging way to connect with your audience
  • a more effective, persuasive style of selling your product, service or business
  • a way to stand out from and above the masses of competitors you face
  • time to let you run your business while a copywriting professional does the “heavy lifting”

And above all, marketing that knows the right rules to win you the game.

A Copywriter Who Knows the Right Rules

Copywriting isn’t Cluedo, where a lucky guess can win you the game.

I get the wins you’re after by using a precise and powerful set of rules called direct response copywriting.

This kind of copywriting aims to achieve exactly what it’s called: elicit a positive “direct response” from readers of the copy.  That might mean buying your product.  Signing up to an email list.  Or even just watching a demo video.

These are a few of the rules that direct response copywriting follows:

1. Use persuasive and emotionally-charged body copy.  People buy for emotional reasons, not logical ones.

2. Test your copy against potentially better variations, and tweak it where needed.

3. Learn the structure of successful direct response copy: where to include the promise, the push or the proof.

Knowing the rules to direct response copywriting has been the foundation of my success.  It can also be the foundation for yours.

Get the Right Letters & Nail Your Words

Sick of getting words that just fall flat when it comes to your copy or marketing?   If you want convincing copy that hits the triple word score EVERY time, let’s talk today.

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“Dean is an excellent copywriter. He easily understood my goal for the content and brought his own ideas and experience to bolster the final product. Dean is a must hire if you are looking for great copy writing. Seriously, stop looking and hire him now. He brings so much to the table. I will for sure hire him again.”

D.A. McGhie Director, Airelon August 11, 2016


Are you looking for website copy that’s fascinating, engaging and of course – persuasive. Get in touch with me.

Do you need a landing page that won’t have visitors taking off the moment they arrive? I’m your writer.

Are you chasing email marketing that get people actually reading them (instead of click, click, delete)? I can do that for you.

Or if you’re after a sales page that’s a little more sophisticated than “BUY MY THING!”, then you’re in the right place.

Yes, I write sales copy of all kinds for businesses, entrepreneurs and other enterprising types. And that sales copy includes:

  • Landing pages carefully designed to get that purchase, sign-up or download
  • Website copy that’s short, sharp and showcases your business for maximum attention
  • Emails that get opened, read and acted on
  • Sales pages structured to keep readers all the way to the bottom – then clicking that “Buy” button
  • Blog posts that understand the readers and resonate with them

Fill out the short form in the Contact section and let’s tackle your latest marketing challenge together.

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“Completely over delivered. You can tell by the quality of his questions he knows what he is doing. Absolutely loved working with him, his communication was stellar. Extremely talented copywriter.”

Andrew Haslett MegaPCI February 16, 2017


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