Does Your Marketing Copy Play to Win?

“Words” just aren’t enough. You need high-converting copy that checkmates the competition.

First-Class Copy Isn’t A Game Of Chance

Monopoly is won and lost with the roll of the dice. Grab the right properties, then sit back and watch your friends rage with frustration as they cough up fistfuls of colourful cash.

Chess is the polar opposite. There are dozens of tactics & strategies, and whoever uses the right ones usually wins.

A lot of the time, marketing feels like Monopoly: you roll the dice and sometimes you come up trumps, other times you end up in jail (errr…. the Monopoly jail, I mean).

But it turns out you’re playing the wrong game.

Coming up with high-converting copy that grabs attention and doesn’t let go is a chess game. There’s no “lucky roll” or “get out of jail free card”; you need to know what moves to use and when. It takes skill and practice.

As a conversion copywriter, that’s what I do for businesses like yours:

Use my skills and know-how to bend the marketing odds back in your favour.

Dean is a brilliant direct response copywriter. I hired Dean to help with the copy for my website and have been blown away by the finished product. Before the project initiation, he went over and above to ask the correct questions about my business. What he presented me at the end of that was the version that was close to perfect. A few small changes and we were ready to go. It was a smooth, easy and timely project.

I would definitely recommend Dean for your business needs and will be re-engaging him for more work in the near future.

Ankita Lewis

Owner, Searchbox

Conversion Copywriting is the Game Changer

Just like any board game, you’re usually in business to win*. Winning might mean a mega-successful, multi-million dollar business, or it might mean building something simple that you can be proud of.

Either way, selling your business is a key to that winning.

And when it comes to your website, emails, or anywhere the written word’s used, that’s where conversion copywriting comes into play. It’s not about “words”, but rather structuring a persuasive sales argument to motivate visitors to respond to your offering.

For businesses all around the world, using conversion-focused copy is a game changer.

Word of warning, though: these aren’t “ninja” tactics or gimmicks you should pull. Tricking people into buying a third-rate product or into a dodgy deal is a great way NOT to succeed in business.

If you’ve got a great product or service and you’re looking to use conversion-focused copy in your business, get in touch. This is what I specialise in and help businesses around the world do more with.

* Unless you’re one of those types who say “oh, I don’t care if I win, I just like playing”. To which I just say… ha!

Find out more about conversion copywriting (and what it does for you) here.

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I’ve done work for successful and growing businesses like…

Dean is an excellent copywriter. He easily understood my goal for the content and brought his own ideas and experience to bolster the final product. Dean is a must hire if you are looking for great copy writing. Seriously, stop looking and hire him now. He brings so much to the table. I will for sure hire him again.

D. A. McGhie

Director, Airelon

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