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If you’ve stumbled across this page, let me start by saying howdy.

But if you’re hunting for a copywriter (whether in Brisbane or elsewhere) that writes with literary flair and piz-azz, then full disclaimer:

There are plenty of better writers out there. I never mastered great creative writing, flowery prose or insightful rhetoric.

(My “masterpiece” was a one-pager that got critical acclaim from my 2nd grade teacher… it was about gremlins chasing me around a house).

Creative writers do wonderful things with words. I’m more of a technician, focused on the psychology and structure of persuasion*. In fact, all my time and energy goes towards helping customers sell better with compelling copy.

Because for most people, selling is freaking hard. It’s not something you just decide to master one day — there’s a definite science and craft to it.

Direct response is how I got started in this biz, and why I chose conversion as my niche. That means my bread and butter largely revolves around…

  • Sales pages
  • Landing pages
  • Emails
  • Funnels

Of course, specialising means I have to say “no” to great opportunities that just aren’t a good fit. To ensure my clients get the best of my time, I rarely take on blogs or websites these days, unless related to a conversion project.

* That said, there’s a creative element to conversion copywriting, especially in finding the right “big idea” for your promotion.

What Makes Me Different?

Back when I was writing my website (for the second or third time), I did my typical competitor analysis, wandering through the sites of various Brisbane copywriters. One thing I noticed was a lot of them offered to save their clients time and money.

I don’t do either.

I’m not a super-fast writer. And while cheap was the name of the game early on, I now charge more appropriately for my expertise.

So, what do I offer that’s different?

Well, it’s that singular focus to help customers sell better (i.e. MAKE you money,  not SAVE you money). Every part of my business is aimed at improving my ability to do that…

  • All my training (and the thousands of dollars spent) has focused on direct response or conversion copywriting.
  • I spend “analysis hours” each week reading and breaking down successful sales pages to really understand how they tick.
  • I get the chance to apply the theory I learn every week, which is the complete opposite to my university experience of yesteryear.
  • I’ve had amazing successes (e.g. helping one of Australia’s leading fitness trainers almost double expected sales of an online course) and humbling lows (sales pages that barely sold a thing). Both have taught me a lot, all of which goes into the next project I work on.
  • I work with clients as a conversion partner that plays an active part in boosting sales, not as a simple “order taker” or “wordsmith” that merely puts words on a page (if all you want is words, you can get them for much less).

Dean is a brilliant writer and I would recommend him to anyone looking for individual, engaging content. He takes the time to really understand each brief and never fails to deliver exactly what I am looking for (and more). Every piece is completely individual and specially crafted for the brief I’ve given, he has a real talent.

Amanda Nolan-Durbin

Founder, Pure Collagen Protein

Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain

I’m not a faceless marketing agency trying to put on a human face. I’m a one-man show that occasionally works with other specialists (like designers) to deliver the most persuasive, convincing digital marketing we can. So, to give you a peek behind the curtain, here’s a not-so-random assortment of miscellany about myself…

  • I’m an Aussie Rules tragic and die-hard Cats supporter (but I’m not that far gone — I’ll still work with Hawthorn fans).
  • After a too-short stint in Melbourne (or as I called it, footy utopia), I’m back in Brisbane, my hometown.
  • I brush my teeth using both left and right hands, for greater angle effectiveness.
  • I can map out a funnel project with emails, sales pages, content and more… but trying to organise 2-3 friends to see a movie? Forget it.
  • While copywriting looks like a 180 to my past life as a software tester, I see more parallels every month (like lateral thinking or “copy/requirement blindness”).
  • Apparently I have a natural ability to run, which is completely wasted since I loathe it. (Weight training is better, if only because I can do it in the garage.)
  • I have a semi-conscious bias towards over-using parentheses, and always scour client copy for where I’ve fallen into that trap.

What’s With The Board Games?

If you’ve browsed more than a page or two, you might’ve noticed a certain motif with the headline images.

That’s simply because I’m an enormous fan of board games.

Whether it was Monopoly as a miscreant youth or Gloomhaven in the last year, they’ve always held a magnetic fascination. There’s just something about the traditional feel that’s different to the now-now-now- of video games. Of course, there’s always the competitive element too (and it’s super-satisfying to bang a fist into the board and send cards or tokens flying if you lose).

I’m lucky to have friends who are even more obsessive, which has given us a chance to play some fantastic games over the years. A few of my favourites…

  • Ticket To Ride: I’ve yet to win a game, keep coming second. This is a board I’ve been sorely tempted to sweep an angry arm across.
  • Flamme Rouge: A recent find and a great lesson in knowing when to hold back or go hard.
  • Coup: Fantastic card-based game where bluffing is the order of the day. Needless to say, I’m pretty good at it!
  • Pandemic: A classic co-operative game. My friends and I won the first time… then realised we didn’t follow all the rules. Haven’t come close to beating it since.

How We Make Copy Magic Together

Helping you sell more is a big part of why businesses work with me. But it’s not the only part.

If the process was as difficult as pulling teeth, you won’t want to come back even if the results shine.

Luckily, I’m usually a pleasure to work with (with the exception of the 60 to 90 minute period after my footy team loses). I ask the right questions, keep you up-to-date, and work with you to tweak the copy to perfection.

This is the journey your copy takes from ethereal idea to persuasive phrase…

Research: Before a single headline or call to action is written, I’ll spend hours immersing myself in your world. You’ll answer a questionnaire, I’ll do competitor analysis, we may even jump on a call to pin a few things down.

Writing: Now that we’ve uncovered the details, I sit at my writing desk (which happens to also be my research desk) and turn pages of jotted notes, half-baked ideas and indecipherable language into copy designed to sell what you want.

Editing: Most masterpieces aren’t created in a single sitting, and neither is your copy. We fine-tune the copy to make it sharper and even more compelling for your customers.

Launch: For some projects, editing isn’t the end. I work with clients who want to really push the conversion lever north once the copy’s launched, using data and feedback to make it even more magnetic for prospects.

Dean is fantastic, I feel like he went the extra mile to learn what he could about our industry so that he could really speak to our customers.  He asked really good questions and gave great advice and ultimately produced an awesome product we are very happy with. We will certainly be using Deans services again.

Anita Clarke

Owner, Event Timing

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