Content Marketing: An All-You-Can-Read Primer

Content Marketing: An All-You-Can-Read Primer

Note: This isn’t intended to be a complete look at every single element of content marketing, but more of a primer. As a copywriter, I’ve mainly worked on producing content for this kind of marketing, but there’s a heck of a lot more to it. This post aims to fill a...

Google Ad to Thank You Page: A Lead Gen Funnel Break-down

Google Ad to Thank You Page: A Lead Gen Funnel Break-down

In the great game of marketing, we often talk about “funnel this” and “funnel that”. But how often do we look at a real funnel to figure out what’s working and what’s not? Well, we’re doing just that — with the Property2020 lead gen funnel I stumbled across while...

Homepage Teardown: Xero

Homepage Teardown: Xero

Disclaimer: I’m a Xero user and a fan of the software. But let’s put that aside for a moment and take a closer look at their homepage. Of course, my professional opinions in this teardown are all my own. Xero is one of the giants in the accounting SaaS space. But does...

On the Notion of Niches

The topic of niche always crops up with new copywriters, and it can excruciatingly hang around for years. This particular take on it was inspired by Kate Toon’s podcast with Robert Gerrish, where they discussed a few of the aspects and angles copywriters confront —...

Homepage Teardown: SurveyMonkey

This is the first in a series of teardowns, where we put a homepage under the microscope to look at what they’re doing well or what could be improved. Our targets of choice? SaaS sites. They’re big businesses in a competitive market, which means they’ve got the...

Google-bots reveal what people REALLY want

If you happened to do a Google search in January 2018 on “what people really want” (quotations included), you’d only get back 389,000 odd results.  But on the first page of results, you’d notice over half the sites listed are focused on business and marketing. The...

If You Only Knew The Power… of Customer Surveys

If You Only Knew The Power… of Customer Surveys

Today we’re talking customer surveys.  And yes, we're framing it a Star Wars context. There’s an iconic line near the end of “The Empire Strikes Back”. Luke’s been defeated by Darth Vader, and is hanging on for dear life at the end of the platform. Vader, enjoying a...

4 Reasons Not To Hire A Copywriter

If you were to jump on Google on the 21st October 2017 and type “reasons not to” in the search bar, the top 5 auto-suggestions you’d get back were: Reasons not to have kids Reasons not to get the flu shot Reasons not to go to work Reasons not to get married Reasons...

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