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What’s happens when you hit the “Send” button?

Do you get dozens of readers emailing back to say “thanks, you’re one of the good ones”?

Does your analytics dashboard light up with skyrocketing open and click-through rates?

And above all, do prospects and customers take one look at your emails and reach for their wallets?


Do you get the “brick wall” treatment? (Except in this case, the brick wall is more responsive.)

Your emails get deleted and those precious few opened only delay their journey to the trash by a few seconds.

It’s my job to make your emails an inbox favourite.

The stats back it up: email marketing’s tough

“Getting a response from a prospect” is harder than ever, according to Hubspot’s State of Inbound 2018 report. In fact, it’s the #1 sales challenge, as judged by 40% of those surveyed.


In spite of that, great email marketing snags some of the best returns. So much so that 58% of email marketers planned to increase their budget in 2017 (as per GetResponse’s Email Marketing & Beyond benchmarks).

Don’t be evil boring

 For a long time, Google’s motto was “don’t be evil”. Anyone writing emails should adopt a similar principle: don’t be boring.

Yet, it’s the cardinal sin of so many emails, as you see in your inbox every day. Business owners (and email copywriters, who should know better) waffle on about what they want to talk about, ignoring the interests or motivations of their audience.

When you do that, you’re just building that wall, brick by brick.

The #1 thing to remember: your emails are going to people, not businesses. And people want to hear from other people. Jargon-laden missives that sound like they were issued forth by the Duke of Hamilton get binned every time.

Writing response-grabbing email copy is both a science and an art, but there are basics anyone can follow to write what I call a “Minimum Effective Email”.

Email Copywriting Minimum Effective Email

3 things top emails do (and one even more important thing)


When you write a Minimum Effective Email that taps into what your readers feel or deal with, you kick a goal.

 A single email is like a single goal: by itself, it doesn’t win many games. But if you keep sending the right emails… 

  1. You build trust with your audience
  2. You demonstrate that you’re the expert
  3. And you put yourself in the front of their minds

Engagement is good. Trust and credibility are great. But ultimately, what top-shelf email marketing delivers is the kind of sales and customers you’ve been chasing.

Those are the emails I write.


Dean did an amazing job writing multiple email campaigns for our company’s 800,000+ subscriber email list.

Dean’s skills as a copywriter are unquestionable. His work was great, quality and free of errors. He nailed the voice of our client on the first try, every time. We literally did not need to give him a single edit on any project.

You could tell that Dean really took the time to research his target audience and voice. He really went above and beyond to deliver a great product.

I will be going to Dean for more copy needs in the future and you should do the same.

Ryan Moore

Content Manager, Brandetize

 “Warp One, Engage” Autoresponder Sequence

Build a relationship with your readers from the moment they sign up, with an engaging email sequence that gets them comfortable, gives them unforgettable value and gently starts to nudges them from interested prospect to paying customer.

Each package includes:

  • 1-on-1 Planning Session: We’ll discuss the critical factors: your business, your product or service, and most importantly – your audience
  • Research, Research, Research: Diligent research and study distilled into the key ideas that drive your emails’ success
  • An Anthology of Openings: For each email, you’ll choose your favourite from 3 subject lines, or you can test each and every one
  • Emails that Impress and Engage: Carefully crafted to connect, engage and draw your readers closer to your business
  • 1-on-1 Copy Review: We’ll review the first drafts, answer all your questions and start on the final touches
  • 2 Rounds of Revisions: Your emails are meticulously edited and sharpened to a fine edge
  • Don’t Just Say It in Email: A free blog post of up to 800 words is included with the 7 email sequence
Dean was outstanding. Very responsive, fast in delivery, incredibly thorough and has a real flair in his writing style. He’s top of my list for any kind of writing project and I know we will work together again.
Michal Bohanes

CEO, Kontent360

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