Fitness Copywriting

Fighting Fit… or Fed Up and Flabby?

Take a look at some of your competitor’s websites, social media or emails.

It’s the same tired ideas with cliched copy that promises readers to “get ripped” or “build your Summer bikini body”.

In other words, it’s lazy, “flabby” marketing that doesn’t do much for them or their audience.

Big fitness brands can get away with that… but if you’re a smaller gym or studio, coach or personal trainer, your marketing can’t afford to not pull its weight.

What’s worse, if you’re carving time out of and already hectic week to handle your marketing personally, your lack of marketing savvy may actually be HURTING your business.

As a quick example, are you following these rules whenever you sit down to write for your business…?

4 Selling Rules Most Fitness Folk Forget


1. Fitness is a conversion game

Having a great brand is important. But you know what’s even more important?


And that’s why for most fitness businesses, it’s more a conversion game than a brand game. Having marketing and copy that brings people is the priority… but one that fitpreneurs sadly forget too often.

2. “Features and benefits” don’t cut it

Yes, your copy should talk about the benefits of working out with you. And it should explain the features of what your service or facilities have to give them.

But that’s just basic copywriting.

The real desire — and this goes double for fitness — is the “transformation” your potential clients will get from buying from you. And that’s something too many copywriters don’t  understand when they try to write copy that converts.

3. More than just messaging

Sure, your copy’s important to your marketing. But as the classic 40-40-20 marketing formula goes, 40% of your success comes from your offer… or more importantly, offers. 

Having a great offer is a key part of your marketing success.

Super copy can take a good offer and “multiply” its marketing effectiveness, but it usually can’t  make up for a second-rate offer that prospects just don’t want.

So, make sure your copywriter’s able to help shape and “package” your offers BEFORE you start selling them.

4. Conversion copywriting is a skill

You trained, studied and practiced to become a PT, coach, gym manager or whatever you do in the fitness industry. Yet, a lot of people believe that anyone can write copy.

Here’s the thing: conversion copywriting is a lot more than “writing words”. Psychology, structure, heuristics and consumer behaviour all play a part. 

Simply put, writing sharp-selling emails or a magnetic landing page is as much a skill as training someone for a comp or helping them lose more weight than they’ve ever done before… and it’s not something you can trust to “anyone”.

Dean did some fantastic work for me on an online course sales page. My goal was 30 sign ups over 3 intakes for the year, and the first intake netted 19 signups for an expensive course. I found him an absolute pleasure to work with – he is creative, attentive, punctual and overall just very helpful in coaxing out ideas and refining details. It’s easy to get burned when hiring people online, but I’d absolutely recommend Dean without hesitation.

– Luke Tulloch, Lucid Health Coaching

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Dean created sales copy for an online course landing page. Before starting the project, Dean spent several hours researching the niche and asking the right questions in order to fully understand the industry and audience. By the end, he created a highly authoritative and persuasive landing page, which exceeded my expectations.

– Avi Silverberg, Team Canada Powerlifting Coach

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