Health Copywriting

WARNING: These Kinds Of Health Copywriting

Can Be Hazardous To Your Business

You juggle a dozen things to put together marketing that gets people to buy, and one of the most important critical conversion factors is copy. But if you make one of these copywriting mistakes, your product sales are more likely to slump than soar…

A little while ago, two health entrepreneurs launched new products into the frantic, ferocious niche of the ketogenic diet.

Both had fantastic products.

One had formulated an MCT oil especially for people on the keto diet. The other had developed a complete 30-day keto plan for those new to the diet.

Both knew that a great offer was vital but getting it in front of people was just as important. And both were aware that marketing was the key.

But there was one big difference. 

One decided that, with a few basics under their belt, writing the copy for his promotion couldn’t be that hard. So he studied for a few weeks, then slowly pieced together his funnel of ads, landing pages, emails, and sales letters. The other simply outsourced all her copy and funnel design to specialists. 

Six months later, both were still busily selling their products.

And again, there was one big difference.

After a hugely successful launch, one was optimising her funnel with plans to introduce another product. The other was scratching his head and still fiddling with his marketing just to break even.

The Difference Between Success and Failure

There’s a huge problem that businesses, entrepreneurs and newbie copywriters don’t realise with health copywriting: there are A LOT of traps waiting to explode in your face!

It’s why I’m issuing this warning: to help you escape those pitfalls in your own promotion or funnel.

So, what are some of the biggest snares to your success?

Copy that disconnects readers

Some prospects love jargon and diving deep into the science or history. Other prospects just want to know what your product does for them. If you use language or a tone they can’t connect with, you risk losing scores of potential customers.

Copy that gets the “big boys” off-side

It’s not just Facebook that enforces strict rules around health advertising. If your copy shrugs away regulations, the FDA or FTC can come knocking… which puts your promotion in more jeopardy than badly-written copy ever could.

Copy that misses the desire “bullseye” 

It’s copywriting 101, but it’s surprising how many copywriters don’t fully grasp the basics. Your copy MUST weave together a prospect’s core desire with what your product does… and if it can’t, all the clever headlines and snappy prose won’t save your marketing.

Copy that’s poorly researched 

Health copy is one place you can’t slack off with legwork. Extracting every fascinating fact on the topic, uncovering surprising studies, and linking them back to a core desire or benefit is essential for a winning health promo. If a copywriter won’t go the extra mile here, your marketing’s sunk.

Copy that tries to sell with logic

People rarely judge a product logically before grabbing their wallet. Emotion nearly always takes the front seat, especially when it comes to health. Building a logical case for your product while ignoring emotion is an easy but fatal mistake to make.

Copy that derails the selling story

Pulling together an emotional, compelling narrative about your product that still flows logically is tough.  But if your copywriter can’t do this, they can push your selling story into dead ends that leave prospects confused, bemused, and uninterested.

How Do I Know About These Mistakes?

Because when I first hung out my sign as a copywriter and took every job that came my way, I made most of them. Sometimes it wouldn’t hurt the promotion too much, and other times it took a heavy toll in lost sales.

Thankfully, I learned from that early experience. And things changed as I upped my game over the past few years…

  • I relentlessly studied and practiced, first with universal copywriting principles, and then more and more into health (and fitness).
  • I regularly read health sales letters that have been going gangbusters, breaking them down to analyze what makes them a success (or not).
  • I started to mentor under one of the biggest health copywriters on the planet, learning her system and having copy broken down under intense scrutiny.

These days, health businesses and entrepreneurs use my experience and skill to get copy that helps bring in more sales for their product or service.

Dean is a brilliant writer and I would recommend him to anyone looking for individual, engaging copy. He takes the time to really understand each brief and never fails to deliver exactly what I am looking for (and more). Every piece is completely individual and specially crafted for the brief I’ve given, he has a real talent.

– Amanda Nolan-Durbin, Pure Health Supplements

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What Health Businesses Come To Me For…

Sales Pages 

Short product pages may work with someone ready to buy, what about the other 98% who find you? A sales page maps out why those prospects should… no, NEED to buy your product right now.

Sales Letters

A persuasive, well-structured sales letter takes your prospects on a journey that ends with only one emotional AND logical outcome: buying your product.


Priming your prospects with content that informs, educates, and pre-sells is the perfect way to introduce your product to them with less “pressure”.

Video Sales Letters

Today’s format of choice, video sales letters add new dimensions to the sales letter that’s been the backbone of direct response copywriting for decades.


Your list can be the most valuable asset you have. Build a relationship and give your prospects plenty of reasons to click through and take a closer look at your promotion.

Building a funnel or looking for a combo of copy? Get in touch and we’ll discuss what you need.

If you want a million dollar copywriter (but not necessarily quite spend a million to get one), Dean is the guy to talk to.

– Jake Steiner, End Myopia

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