Landing Pages

Imagine you’re a kid again.

And you’re holding the biggest and best birthday party your suburb’s seen since that rich kid Johnson’s last year (who has helicopter rides at a birthday party?)

The invites to the whole neighbourhood are sent, the clown posse is ready, the 2,308 balloons with miniature toys in each one are inflated, and there’s enough candy to send the entire party into a sugar high for 3 days.

The big day arrives.

One at a time your friends show up to the house.  They see the bright, swirling decorations, the clown juggling fire-licked bowling pins in the yard, and the mountain of “goodie bags” by the front door.

And one at a time, they get back in their car and disappear without a single word.

This is the story of your landing page

You go all out on building the best landing page you can.

You create the ads to send as many (appropriate) visitors to your page as you can find.

And you come up with nothing.

You’re not alone.

With an average conversion rate of less than 3%, 97 out of 100 visitors to most landing pages are flying off without doing what you’d like.


It’s your party

Many pages get 1% – 2% without much effort.  And if you’re after an average landing page with an average conversion rate, you don’t need me.

After all, it’s your landing page.

But what if you could double (or triple) that rate? That’s twice (or three times) as many people signing up to your email.

Twice as many buying your product.

Twice as many filling out your survey.

That’s why you shouldn’t be content with average.

I constantly tinker with my own landing pages to get the smallest uptick in conversion. It’s incredible the difference even a tiny tweak can make.

Then you’ve got catering, the decorations…

Here’s something else to consider: your landing page isn’t a party you just invite people to and expect a wow of a time.

No sir.  Setting up a big party takes big time: catering, decorations, the location (let’s face it, mum almost killed you after what happened to the house last year) and a whole lot more.

And just like presents don’t exist in isolation, neither does your landing page.

You might have your main website, pay-per-click ads to attract visitors to your page, emails that visitors get when they sign up, social media and content marketing – just like a party, the “to do” list goes on and on.

Oh, then there’s your competition, just like that rich kid Johnson (really?  A helicopter?).  There are dozens of pages and ads out there – just like yours – all competing for your prospects’ attention and dollar.

Do you want the kids coming – and staying – to YOUR party?

If you answered “yes”, then come on – we’ve got a party to prepare!

Ready to tackle your marketing and copy challenges?