Sales Page Copywriting

It’s Really Easy To Stuff Up A Sales Page

You know how this feels…

You launch your product or service with fanfare, watch your dashboard light up as visitors land on the page… then crickets. The odd sale here or there, as a dribble of dollars trickle in.

What could have gone wrong? Let’s count the possible ways…

  1. It’s written like any other web page (i.e. written in a bland, boring style that doesn’t sell)
  2. Your sales page uses SCREAMY copy that absolutely destroys the competition!!!!! (oh, not to mention over-the-top claims)
  3. You’re trying to sell more than one thing on the page (or worse, sell “all the things”)
  4. The page starts with a headline that’s as strong as a wet lettuce
  5. Attention-stealing links to other pages are thrown around on the page like confetti
  6. Your messaging isn’t structured in a persuasive way (AKA structured in the “spaghetti, meet wall” kind of way)
  7. Ignoring powerful sales page elements like subheads and social proof
  8. Thrusting the product in the reader’s face from the moment they land
  9. Talking “me, me, me” when it should be “you, you, you” (i.e. not living in the reader’s world)

When you’ve got a good sales page copywriter on your side, you dodge these pitfalls and massively boost your chances of selling a heck of a lot more of your widget. But when you’ve hired a copywriter that doesn’t specialise in conversion copy…

It’s going to cost you a lot more than you saved… and you might not even realise until you launch.

Dean is a brilliant direct response copywriter. I hired Dean to help with the copy for my website and have been blown away by the finished product. Before the project initiation, he went over and above to ask the correct questions about my business. What he presented me at the end of that was the version that was close to perfect.

I would definitely recommend Dean for your business needs and will be re-engaging him for more work in the near future.

Ankita Lewis

Owner, Searchbox

Sales Copywriting that Knows How to Sell

I’m sure there are copywriters out there who can guarantee their sales pages will sell anything to anyone.

I’m not one of them.

If your product doesn’t have a market, is sub-standard or you just can’t get it in front of enough people, a sales page won’t make much difference for you.

That’s because compelling copy is a sales multiplier, not a sales creator. It can’t create desire out of thin air or persuade people who have no interest in your product.

A good sales page focuses on the audience who are interested. It zeroes in on their identity, problems and desires. It offers answers to solve those problems or fill those desires.

These are the sales pages I write.

Great Sales Page Copy Isn’t Just What You’re Searching For

There’s a classic direct response copywriting rule called the 40-40-20 formula which breaks down three areas and how much they contribute to sales page success.

40% List

(AKA your audience)

40% Offer

(it’s more than just a dollar value or discount)

20% Creative

(the copy, images and design)

Sure, sales page copy that sizzles is something you should absolutely look for. But it’s only one part of the selling success formula.

Sales Pages Crafted for Success

In my experience, a successful sales page isn’t a client-based or transactional process. It’s a collaboration. And the success of your sales page needs your insights as much it does great copy, a magnetic offer and the right readers. So when you work with me, here’s what generally unfolds…


We dive in to discuss your audience, market, product or service, offer and more.

Project Brief

Put your thoughts onto paper and I’ll use them to fuel your sales page.


I dig further to find every useful scrap about your market, trends and competitors.

Copy Deck

Every headline & sentence of your sales page in one easy-to-read document.

Page Review

I’ll cast my CRO eye over your page once built and point out improvements.

Two Rounds of Revision

Calibrate your copy to make customers even more receptive to the message.

I have used Dean for a number of projects, all have turned out fantastic and completed before deadline. I would say he is my secret weapon when trying to stand out in an ever growing market.Christiaan van der Ende

Director, Mobile Team Manager

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