Terms and Conditions

General Terms & Conditions

1. The rights to any material ordered by the client will be transferred to them only upon full payment for the job.

2. Although rights to the content provided become the client’s on payment, I reserve the right to use general details about the job, such as the client logo, a testimonial and other high-level details for business activities. For instances where an NDA has been signed, see Point 7.

3. While I’ll endeavour to provide an early draft of work to ensure the copy is proceeding as expected by the client, this cannot be guaranteed. The client is not permitted to use uncompleted material for any purpose other than review or feedback.

4. Any adjustments to the job, such as changes to specifications or deadlines, should be communicated as soon as possible. Delays in communicating such changes (or making such decisions at the last minute) may result in the job’s completion not meeting the initially agreed date. Should this occur, the client must agree to provide a fair, additional period of time to allow the job to be completed.

5. I always proofread and attempt to fact check finished material to be submitted to the client. However, there is no guarantee this work will be free of typographical, grammatical and/or factual errors. The client will be responsible for ensuring the finished material is correct in all aspects.

6. If the job deadline changes to earlier than the initially agreed date or no agreed date has been set at the time of the contract, an additional fee may be sought for the effort of re-organising my work schedule to meet the client’s urgent request. Depending on my work schedule, rushing a job may not be possible. If this is the case, the client will be contacted with the offer to cancel the contract.

7. I will agree to keep material supporting the project provided by the client confidential, and will sign a non-disclosure agreement if required. However, the client must agree to guarantee me against any claim for compensation or damages as a result of accidental disclosure or loss of this information.

8. Any advice given to a client is of a general nature and I am not liable for any damage or losses incurred as a result of following that advice.

Payment Terms & Conditions

1. On agreeing to a proposal, a 50% up-front deposit is required within 7 days for work to be scheduled.

2. The remaining balance will be billed after the second draft has been submitted to the client and is expected within 14 days of billing.

3. Revisions, discussion or other relevant activities not agreed upon may be charged additional fees.

4. Should the client cancel the job after the deposit has been paid and work commenced, the deposit will be forfeited as a cancellation fee.

5. If a rush job is required or a project’s deadline is moved forward dramatically, a rush fee (of approximately 25% of the total project) will be required.

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