Website Copy

Is your website grabbing your readers (then reeling them in)?

Sometimes it’s OK to send a quick tweet your customers think a little odd.

You can get away with an under-performing email or two without too much worry.

But your website is where you need to make a stand.

When people land on a page of your site, you’ve got about 5 seconds to grab their interest… and keep it.


Your Online Headquarters

For many, many, many businesses, their website is their “HQ”.

It’s where most of their sales or enquiries come from.

It links to all their social media, which in turn links back to the website.

It’s where you exude authority through your blog, case studies and testimonials.

And most of all, it’s where people come to find out about you.


No second chances

You know why I mentioned 5 seconds above?

The “5 second test” is a popular usability test to evaluate home pages, product pages, landing pages and what-not. The aim: to see what (if anything) a person remembered about that page after seeing it for just 5 seconds.

If they remember naught, it’s back to the drawing board. If they start reciting headlines and talking about sidebars, you’re onto a winner.

Great page design plays a big part of that.

But it goes hand-in-hand with great copy.


Just like a sales page, only crunchy

Your home page is your #1 sales page.

But it’s got to serve a bunch of different missions too:

  • Let people know what you do (in an interesting way, of course)
  • Persuade visitors to hang around and find out more
  • Provide an easy way of contacting your business

… and they’re just the most basic functions.

Your website needs someone who can learn how your business ticks.

Someone who can convey what makes your business irresistible to potential customers.

Someone who can produce “sticky copy” that traps willing visitors to your site.


Start small

Don’t want to blow away your existing website with a couple of clicks and start again?

You don’t have to.

You don’t even need to touch a single pixel of your page to get started.

Just contact me for a minimal-cost website audit.  The audit can show you what you’re doing right, and what might help get you better results.

Sometimes there’s not much to change.  Other times clients want to start fresh.  And usually, it’s somewhere in between.

Let’s talk turkey on how we can improve THE most critical cog of your online marketing platform. 

Ready to tackle your marketing and copy challenges? 


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