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Is Your Website Plagued By These Problems?

Your website could be suffering from any number of problems, but these are 3 of the biggest:

  1. Your website talks about you or your brand… all the time (and not what your visitors are looking for)
  2. Your website’s focused on “closing” every visitor who drops by (rather than answer questions, solve problems or start a relationship)
  3. Your web pages don’t give a “next step”, leaving visitors nodding thoughtfully… then closing the browser tab

These problems plague millions of websites around the world. They’re entirely normal to see wherever you go. Most people don’t have the time or the know-how to build a site that talks about what visitors want, gives them answers (without always trying to “close”) and signposts them towards the next step.

According to Internet Live Stats, the total number of websites is approaching 2 billion, though less than 200 million are “live sites” (still a heck of a lot).

I engaged Dean on the recommendation of my web developers (Standout Designs) to produce more inviting copy for our new website. Dean was an absolute pleasure to work with, had some great ideas and dealt well with my vague direction. He produced some really great work and is now a key part of our marketing message.

I’d both happily work with him again (in the process of engaging him for an ebook) and recommend him to others looking for great copy of any type. David Williams

CEO, FinTechnology

A Website Copywriter That Understands Business

Your website has two important elements. The less important one is the “copy rulebook”: time-tested techniques, structures and principles that give your website a better chance at keeping visitors interested in what you’ve got to see for longer.

The more important aspect? Your business and your customers. Without understanding how you help your customers, even the best copywriting is just meaningless words on the page.

That’s how I approach website copywriting: mixing “copy rule” expertise, a solid grasp of your business and customers with a dash of your unique voice. It’s how I wrote…

  • Aggressive web copy for a digital marketing agency in Perth
  • Friendly, slightly cheeky copy for a start-up in the freight courier market
  • Professional website copy for a growing I.T. business in Brisbane
  • Strong, confident web copy for a SaaS application in the field service industry

I can do the same for your website, whether it’s an epic 15+ pager, a compact 3-page site, or anything in between. Let’s talk turkey on how we can improve your most important online asset.

Website Copywriting With Everything You Need

When you look at your homepage — or any other on your site — the copy is usually the centrepoint. But there’s much more that goes into that copy than just “wordsmithing”. Here’s what you get when you work with me to build or refresh your website.


Over Zoom, Skype or phone, we’ll discuss your business, product or service, and your goals.

Project Brief

Get all your thoughts onto paper and I’ll use them to make your website that much better.


Along with the project brief, I’ll dig up details on your market, trends and competitors.

Copy Deck

Every headline & sentence for your website copy, all in one easy-to-read document.

SEO Elements

All your copy comes with SEO-related elements like titles, descriptions & URLs.

Wireframe (optional)

Get a visual mock to give your web developer an idea of how the copy looks on the page.

Two Rounds of Revision

Tweak your copy just how you — or more importantly, your customers — like it.

Not Sure Where To Start?

Overhauling your website is no small project.

And often, the first step to improving your site is to put it under the microscope. As a copywriter, I’m often seeing, studying and working on websites that aren’t optimised. I’ve learned what works, and what doesn’t.

This means I’m in a prime position to help you fine-tune your site by examining the structure and copy of the most critical web pages (that’s right, structure is equally important). The review gives you a complete break-down of each page (in video & printed form), along with suggestions of where and what you can improve.

It was simply awesome to work with Dean. He’s definitely an A+ player in copywriting who communicates great, understands the client’s desires and delivers before the deadline. If he applies for your job, HIRE HIM!

Daniel Budai

Owner, Budai Media

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