If you happened to do a Google search in January 2018 on “what people really want” (quotations included), you’d only get back 389,000 odd results.  But on the first page of results, you’d notice over half the sites listed are focused on business and marketing. The Google-bots are speaking. And what they’re saying is that marketing spends a lot of time thinking about what people want. It makes sense – any business that’s staying in business needs to know what their customers want. It’s also a most basic business fundamental.  And it’s one that often gets broken when it comes to marketing offers. I have a chapter in my guide on landing pages about the importance of having an attractive offer to your customers when it comes to marketing. This doesn’t just apply to landing pages.  It should be followed literally anywhere you’re offering something to customers in return for something from them. In short, your offer needs two “gotta be” qualities:

  1. It’s gotta be something they want, and obviously relevant to your market.
  2. It’s gotta be good enough so prospects will move to take the offering, and in return sign up to your list, watch the demo, buy the product or what-have-you.

It really comes down to this: Crap that’s used as a marketing offer is still crap. And using crap is not going to help your marketing one iota.  But if you’re flubbing around trying to find something decent you can use, here’s a short list to fire up your brainstorming juices.

  • A free guide or report
  • A quiz or checklist
  • A free trial or sample of your product
  • A consultation or “strategy session”
  • Recorded webinar or video training
  • Discount coupons
  • Exclusive (or “gated”) content, like comprehensive blog posts

It might seem a lot of effort to create offerings.  And if you’re starting from scratch, it often is.  But here are two quick ways you can save time spent on making a great offering.

  1. You might have old or unused material that with a bit of effort could be re-purposed as a marketing offer (just remember the “crap is still crap” rule)
  2. You can outsource the creation by commissioning someone (like a copywriter!) to write a report, guide, case study or what-have-you that you can use.

Remember, if you want serious bites on your marketing lures, they have to fit the “gotta be” qualities.

  1. Something your customers want (or is relevant to them)
  2. Good/interesting enough for them to want that specific thing

Here’s to making non-crap, quality offerings your customers will snap up!